05-06-2018 09:26

The XVIII UISPP World Congress has began yesterday at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris. The general theme of the event indicates the main scientific topics to be addressed, inserted in the current reflections on the global challenges of the 21st century: adaptation and durability of human societies in the face of climatic variations. The themes of the study of transition processes, the development of models of system durability and resistance, the increase of research methodologies and the practices of archaeological heritage conservation are also highlighted.

To meet these challenges, the importance of a multidisciplinary and collaborative perspective in the dialogue between scientists and society stands out.

Next Wednesday, the 6th, will be the session "Archeology in transdisciplinary researches: contributions to a Sustainability Science", organized by me, Friedrich Lueth (Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut) and Ranjana Ray (Calcutta University, India). This session will have the presentation of project results in Mozambique, India, Brazil and Portugal.

In this Congress is being structured an institutional project of the UISPP with the objective of developing a global synthesis of the history of Humanity, aiming to bring together the state of the art of scientific archaeological and cultural heritage knowledge.

The XVIII UISPP World Congress brings together more than 1,000 participants, and will last until Saturday, May 9. To know more, access the link:


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